Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins

English writer Jackie Collins is world-renowned for being a best-selling author of raunchy stories. In fact, her glamorous novels have sold around 500 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 40 languages. Jackie was born in 1937 and was raised in London. At school, she would write steamy stories for her classmates – who would pay to hear them. After being expelled at the age of 15, she began acting in British films and various television series before writing her first novel in 1968: The World is Full of Married Men. The book shocked the English-reading audience due to its sexual content, but this only boosted sales of her second novel a year later: The Stud.

She now has 30 books to her name - all of which are gritty and real, told from the inside looking out. "I write about real people in disguise", Jackie once revealed. Whether it's a glittering rock party, stretch limo or mansion in Beverley Hills, Jackie manages to set the scene, keeping the reader enthralled from start to finish. Two of her books have been adapted for the big screen and Hollywood Wives was made into a hit series starring Anthony Hopkins. Jackie currently lives in a self-designed mansion in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles.

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Jackie Collins

Confessions Of A Wild Child

No-one does sexy, outrageous novels quite like Jackie Collins – and Confessions of a Wild Child is no exception. This book takes you on a trip down memory lane with 15 year-old Lucky. She discovered her mother's murdered body floating in their home swimming pool at the tender age of five, and has since been wrapped up in cotton wool by her powerful father, Gino. Dario, her gay brother, is too scared to come out to him. Lucky finally escapes her closeted life in the family's Bel Air mansion - and this is when the adventures begin.

Confessions of a Wild Child sees Lucky experience sex, drugs and rock n' roll in anywhere from Vegas penthouses to Greek islands. Although readers will be familiar with the character from Jackie's previous seven books in the series, this story delves into Lucky's fascinating childhood. The reader will learn just how she came to be the charismatic and powerful woman she is today – Jackie Collins' most popular heroine to date.

Available now in Paperback and Kobo eBook.

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