James Patterson

James Patterson

James Patterson is otherwise recognised as the world's number one bestseller. An accomplished and multi-award winning American author, James is best known for his creation of the character Dr Alex Cross – a specialist in forensic psychology. Alex Cross is an internationally- famous detective series of 22 books, all of which are whole stories with a beginning and an end, with references to prior stories in each. His books haven't slowed down in popularity and Alex Cross's adventures have been adapted for the big screen three times. James is the creator of the Women's Murder Club series which was also made into a film in 2007.

Despite being known as a thriller writer, James has written in a variety of genres – from historical fiction to romance. He also writes teen books and was voted Children's Choice Book Awards 'Author of the Year' by more than 15,000 children and teen readers. Whatever the genre, his books are known for being fast-paced page turners, and an estimated 275 million copies have sold worldwide. The figures speak for themselves: James wrote 71 novels in the space of 33 years – and 19 of these topped the New York Times bestsellers. James has homes in New York and Florida and lives with his wife and son.

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14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club 14)

James Patterson

14th Deadly Sin (Women’s Murder Club 14)

Detective Lindsay Boxer and her three best friends are back and recovering from the events that pushed them all to the edge. After her near-death experience, Yuki is seeing her life from a new perspective and is considering a change in her law career. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy has healed from her gunshot wound and has published a book on the infamous serial killers she helped to bring down. Lindsay is just happy that the gang are all still in one piece. But a new terror is sweeping the streets of San Francisco. A gang dressed as cops are ransacking the city, and leaving a string of dead bodies in their wake. Lindsay is on the case to track them down and needs to discover whether these killers could actually be police officers. Maybe even cops she already knows...

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