Josephine Cox

Josephine Cox

Josephine Cox grew up in Blackburn in a large family. The sixth of ten children, her father spent a lot of time in the pub which meant that money was tight. Despite there being little money for books growing up, Josephine's imagination was fed by her English teacher and grandfather reading to her and recounting stories. Josephine married her husband, Ken at the age of 16 and they have two sons. She was offered a place at Oxford University, but chose a career in teaching to fit in with her family life.

She wrote her first book, Her Father's Sins, when she was ill in hospital. It took her just six weeks to complete and she hasn't looked back. Published in 1992, it was an overnight success and was reprinted 15 times in the first two months. Josephine wrote another three novels whilst working as a teacher until she quit to become a full-time writer. She writes every day and claims she cannot imagine life without it. She is frequently named as one of the top three authors most borrowed from libraries and she has sold more than 15 million copies of her novels. The Runaway Woman is her 50th publication.

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Josephine Cox

The Runaway Woman

As Lucy Lovejoy approaches her 40th birthday she wonders whether her life will ever change. Pregnant and married at 16, Lucy dedicated her life to raising her family. From the outside everything looks perfect, but her husband has slowly stripped Lucy of her self-confidence and now, with her children grown up, Lucy feels even more alone. The monotony of daily life seems never ending and she craves some love and affection. So when she discovers her husband in bed with her own sister, her world comes crashing down; but could heartbreak be the one thing that actually saves and changes her life for the better? True happiness and a new life could be just around the corner, she just needs to build up the courage to look for it.

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