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    Baby Couture: Sew Stylish Fashions for Infants and Children

    By: Samantha McNesbyeBook

    Put your child on the best-dressed list!

    Baby-oh-baby! Haute couture for infants and children has come into its own.

    You'll never have t... More

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    Fleece for Kids: 30 Projects for Clothes and Toys

    By: Mary VollertseneBook

    Fun, fuzzy and fleece!

    High-style fleece clothing and toys are affordable and easy with author Mary Vollertsen's step-by-step instructions... More

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    Stash with Splash Quilts

    By: Nancy Zieman, Cindy CasciatoeBook

    Use stash, buy splash!

    All quilters have a fabric stash at home that they don?t know how to use. Cindy Casciato gives you inspiring quilt p... More

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    Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to St. George

    By: Peter Dennis, Joseph McCullougheBook

    With its fiery breath, scaly armour, and baleful, malevolent stare, the dragon became the ultimate symbol of evil and corruption in European f... More

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