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    Baby Couture: Sew Stylish Fashions for Infants and Children

    By: Samantha McNesbyeBook

    Put your child on the best-dressed list!

    Baby-oh-baby! Haute couture for infants and children has come into its own.

    You'll never have t... More

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    Fleece for Kids: 30 Projects for Clothes and Toys

    By: Mary VollertseneBook

    Fun, fuzzy and fleece!

    High-style fleece clothing and toys are affordable and easy with author Mary Vollertsen's step-by-step instructions... More

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    Stash with Splash Quilts

    By: Nancy Zieman, Cindy CasciatoeBook

    Use stash, buy splash!

    All quilters have a fabric stash at home that they don?t know how to use. Cindy Casciato gives you inspiring quilt p... More

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    Handmade Personalized Photo Gifts Over 75 Creative DIY Gifts and Keepsakes to Make From Your Photographs

    By: Carla VissereBook

    Photographs always evoke strong emotions with those special moments caught on camera--this book shows you over 75 fabulous ways to display your ph... More

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    Homeward Bound Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity

    By: Emily MatchareBook

    Amid today?s rising anxieties?the economy, the scary state of the environment, the growing sense that the American Dream hasn?t turned out to be so... More

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    Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide

    By: Maurice D. WozniakeBook

    Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide, 3rd edition, features photographs of nearly 1, 000 color stamps, thousands of listings values for U.S.... More

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    Screen Printing At Home Print Your Own Fabric to Make Simple Sewn Projects

    By: Karen LewiseBook

    Do you love the idea of printing your own fabrics at home but don't know where to start? This comprehensive guide to screen printing shows you jus... More

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    Sew Cute to Cuddle 12 Easy Soft Toys and Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns

    By: Mariska Vos-BolmaneBook

    Make your own unique and huggable soft toys with this quirky collection of 12 easy-to-sew stuffed animal patterns, so cute they are guaranteed to... More

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    Country Cottage Quilting 15 quilt projects combining stitchery and patchwork

    By: Lynette AndersoneBook

    Learn how to make gorgeous quilting, patchwork, applique and sewing projects with Country Cottage Quilting, from bestselling author and ... More

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    Easy Weekend Crochet Hats A Ski-Style Collection for the Entire Family

    By: Jennifer J. CirkaeBook

    Crochet hats for any adventure!

    The ski slope-inspired hats in this collection will do more than just keep your family warm; these hats wil... More

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    Browning .30-caliber Machine Guns

    By: Gordon L. Rottman, Johnny Shumate, Alan GillilandeBook

    First adopted in 1917, the rugged and reliable Browning .30-caliber machine gun remained in US service into the Vietnam era, and is still occ... More

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    Sew and Save

    By: Joanna ChaseeBook

    An excellent, nostalgic gift from a bygone era when hard times were no excuse for shabby dressing. Contains practical tips to repair and improve clo... More

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    Locking Loops: Unique Locker Hooking Handcrafts to Wear and Give

    By: Theresa PulidoeBook

    Get hooked on color, texture and design!

    Theresa Pulido introduced her fresh, colorful take on locker hooking in her first book, Hook,... More

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    Guns Illustrated 2011: The Latest Guns, Specs & Prices

    By: Dan ShidelereBook


    Get the complete low-down on what's new in the shooting industry with Guns Illustrated 2011. ... More

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    Vintage Fashion Accessories

    By: Stacy LoAlboeBook

    Looking for a great way to add character, class and individuality to your wardrobe, without breaking the bank on a whole new outfit? Look no furthe... More

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    Christmas Ornaments

    By: Carolyn Vosburg-HalleBook

    Christmas is a festive time of the year, and one fun way to celebrate is to decorate!

    Author Carolyn Vosburg Hall presents 25 projects for... More

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    Faux for Dough: The Art of Making a Living Doing Faux Finishes

    By: Teresa Van De Veere PratteBook

    Home-based business popularity is at an all-time high. Skilled decorative painters considering going into business now have an instruction guide to e... More

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    Felted Crochet

    By: Jane DaviseBook

    Felting brings crochet enthusiasts into an exciting new dimension of their hobby in Felted Crochet. This resource provides instructions for ea... More

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    Heddon Catalogs 1902-1953 50 Years of Great Fishing

    By: Clyde HarbineBook

    Invaluable history

    Heddon lures are the most popular lures to collect. Heddon catalogs provide the most complete record available to colle... More

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    2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Dollars

    By: David C. HarpereBook

    "Whether its Seated Liberty dollars, Morgan dollars, Presidential dollars, or Draped Bust dollar coins that you're interested in, you'll find all... More

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