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    Natural Pet Care

    By: Pat ColebyeBook

    The essential guide to keeping pets in tip-top condition.

    Natural Pet Care explains how to keep cats, dogs, rabbits and guines... More

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    A Snowflake In My Hand

    By: Samantha MooneyeBook

    A Snowflake in My Hand is Samantha Mooney's heartwarming account of the many years she spent working at New York City's famous Animal Centre... More

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    Bewick's Swan

    By: Eileen ReeseBook

    A fascinating and highly readable monograph, showcasing one of the flagship species of wetland conservation in Britain to superb effect. <... More

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    The Natural History of Moths

    By: Mark Young, Lyn WellseBook

    Uniting the results of amateur study with the latest scientific research to paint a broad picture of all aspects of moth biology and ecology, this t... More

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    The Ancient Murrelet A Natural History in the Queen Charlotte Islands

    By: Ian Lewington, Anthony J. Gaston, Ian JoneseBook

    Breeding along the northern Pacific coast from British Columbia to Japan, this little known bird dwelt in relative obscurity until it became the foc... More

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    Facing Extinction The world's rarest birds and the race to save them: 2nd edition

    By: Stuart Marsden, Debbie Pain, Paul Donald, Nigel CollareBook

    Almost two hundred species of birds have become extinct in the past 400 years, and a similar number today are in imminent danger of following them. ... More

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    The Goshawk

    By: Robert KenwardeBook

    A large and spectacular bird of prey, the Goshawk lives in boreal
    forests throughout the Northern hemisphere. A powerful hunter of large
    ... More

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    Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland

    By: S.J.M Gantlett, P.A Fraser, J.N DymondeBook

    This book by a trio of rare-bird specialists is a successor to two earlier works (long out of print), Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain and Ireland (S... More

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    Sylvia Warblers Identification, taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Sylvia

    By: Hadoram Shirihai, Andreas Helbig, Gabriel Gargallo, Alan Harris, David CottridgeeBook

    Based on phylogenetic research, this complete study of the genus Sylvia describes two new species and establishes identification criteria for all me... More

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    When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals

    By: Susan McCarthy, Jeffrey MassoneBook

    For more than 100 years, scientists have denied that animals experience emotions, yet this remarkable and ground breaking book proves what animal-l... More

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    The Everything Cooking for Dogs Book 100 quick and easy healthy recipes your dog will bark for!

    By: Lisa FortunatoeBook

    The Everything Cooking for Dogs Book is packed with 100 delicious recipes and useful information on caring for a pooch's nutritional needs.... More

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    The Greater Flamingo

    By: Frank C�zilly, Alan JohnsoneBook

    With their curious feeding behaviour, peculiar elongated body,
    gregarious social lives and exotic pink plumage, flamingos are among
    the mo... More

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    Pigeons and Doves A Guide to the Pigeons and Doves of the World

    By: David Gibbs, John D. Cox, Eustace BarneseBook

    This volume is dedicated to the field identification of pigeons and doves, and it incorporates much recent information on the family.
    Pigeons an... More

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    Wild Geese

    By: M. A. OgilvieeBook

    In range, Wild Geese covers the geese of North America, Europe and
    Asia, and thus the world species except for the Hawaiian Goose or
    Ne-Ne... More

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    The Birds of Leicestershire and Rutland

    By: Roger Davies, Steve Lister, Rob Fray, Andrew Harrop, Dave GambleeBook

    The County Avifaunas are a growing series of books, each of which gives details
    of the status and range... More

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    Pocket Guide Mammals of Southern Africa

    By: Chris StuarteBook

    Southern Africa is home to a wealth of mammal species, occupying a great diversity of habitats. This easy-to-use, compact book is the perfect pocke... More

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    Pocket Guide to Mushrooms of South Africa

    By: Marieka GryzenhouteBook

    Neither plant nor animal, mushrooms or fungi are mysterious organisms that range in size from microscopic to over a metre wide. What?s more, in Sou... More

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    Wildlife of South Africa A Photographic Guide

    By: Duncan ButcharteBook

    A handy, all-in-one photographic field guide to the wildlife of South Africa, covering the region's mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and trees th... More

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    The Secret Life of Sharks A Leading Marine Biologist Reveals the Mysteries o

    By: Ph.D. A. Peter Klimley, Ph.D.eBook

    Marine biologist Pete Klimley swims with the sharks. He was one of the first scientists to free-dive among sharks, and he has spent nearly thirty ye... More

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    Rescue Tails Portraits of Dogs and Their Celebrities

    By: Brian NiceeBook

    The love between dogs and their people is a bond so exceptional it can be hard to put into words. So Brian Nice uses photographs instead -- nearly on... More

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    By: Peter RowlandeBook

    The bowerbirds (family Ptilonorhynchidae) are famed for their unique bower-building behaviour. In some species, the bower can be a complex construct... More

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    Reptiles of the NSW Murray Catchment: A Guide to Their Identification, Ecology and Conservation

    By: Damian Michael,David LindenmayereBook

    This is an easy to use field guide for identifying the 80 reptile species currently known to occur in the Murray catchment area of New South Wales. I... More

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    Biology, Ecology and Systematics of Australian Scelio: Wasp Parasitoids of Locust and Grasshopper Eggs

    By: Paul Dangerfield,Andrew Austin,Graeme BakereBook

    Parasitic wasps of the genus Scelio play an important role in the regulation of orthopteran populations and are implicated in suppressing numbers of ... More

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    Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia

    By: Harold CoggereBook

    Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia is a complete guide to Australia?s rich and varied herpetofauna, including frogs, crocodiles, turtles, torto... More

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    Books and Naturalists (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 112)

    By: David Elliston AlleneBook

    Natural history, perhaps more than any other pursuit or study, has always relied heavily on books. Without their basic function of enabling the dif... More

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    Partridges: Countryside Barometer (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 121)

    By: G R (Dick) PottseBook

    Globally, there are at least 45 species of game bird that have the word partridge in their name, but in this book G. R. Potts devotes himself to th... More

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