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    Natural Pet Care

    By: Pat ColebyeBook

    The essential guide to keeping pets in tip-top condition.

    Natural Pet Care explains how to keep cats, dogs, rabbits and guines... More

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    A Snowflake In My Hand

    By: Samantha MooneyeBook

    A Snowflake in My Hand is Samantha Mooney's heartwarming account of the many years she spent working at New York City's famous Animal Centre... More

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    When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals

    By: Susan McCarthy, Jeffrey MassoneBook

    For more than 100 years, scientists have denied that animals experience emotions, yet this remarkable and ground breaking book proves what animal-l... More

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    The Everything Cooking for Dogs Book 100 quick and easy healthy recipes your dog will bark for!

    By: Lisa FortunatoeBook

    The Everything Cooking for Dogs Book is packed with 100 delicious recipes and useful information on caring for a pooch's nutritional needs.... More

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    Pocket Guide Mammals of Southern Africa

    By: Chris StuarteBook

    Southern Africa is home to a wealth of mammal species, occupying a great diversity of habitats. This easy-to-use, compact book is the perfect pocke... More

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    Pocket Guide to Mushrooms of South Africa

    By: Marieka GryzenhouteBook

    Neither plant nor animal, mushrooms or fungi are mysterious organisms that range in size from microscopic to over a metre wide. What?s more, in Sou... More

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    Wildlife of South Africa A Photographic Guide

    By: Duncan ButcharteBook

    A handy, all-in-one photographic field guide to the wildlife of South Africa, covering the region's mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and trees th... More

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    By: Peter RowlandeBook

    The bowerbirds (family Ptilonorhynchidae) are famed for their unique bower-building behaviour. In some species, the bower can be a complex construct... More

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    Reptiles of the NSW Murray Catchment: A Guide to Their Identification, Ecology and Conservation

    By: Damian Michael,David LindenmayereBook

    This is an easy to use field guide for identifying the 80 reptile species currently known to occur in the Murray catchment area of New South Wales. I... More

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    Biology, Ecology and Systematics of Australian Scelio: Wasp Parasitoids of Locust and Grasshopper Eggs

    By: Paul Dangerfield,Andrew Austin,Graeme BakereBook

    Parasitic wasps of the genus Scelio play an important role in the regulation of orthopteran populations and are implicated in suppressing numbers of ... More

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    Partridges: Countryside Barometer (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 121)

    By: G R (Dick) PottseBook

    Globally, there are at least 45 species of game bird that have the word partridge in their name, but in this book G. R. Potts devotes himself to th... More

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    The Spotter's Guide to Urban Wildlife

    By: The GuardianeBook

    Our cities are a mosaic of 'micro-habitats' providing food, water, green spaces and places to breed - the natural equivalent of the five-star hotel... More

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    Mother Knows Best Life Lessons From the Animal World

    By: Alex CearnseBook

    It's one of the hardest things to accept in life: mothers know a thing or two. Award-winning Australian photographer Alex Cearns has captured the spe... More

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    A Boy's Own Dale A 1950s childhood in the Yorkshire Dales

    By: Terry WilsoneBook

    Growing up in rural Yorkshire in the 1940s and 50s, Terry Wilson spent his school days hunting down Just William books, cutting up apples... More

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    What's that Reptile? A starter's guide to reptiles of southern Africa

    By: Johan MaraiseBook

    What's that reptile? Introduces beginners to the diverse reptile fauna of southern Africa, including its snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tortoises, ... More

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    Bald Coot and Screaming Loon A handbook for the curious bird lover

    By: Niall EdworthyeBook

    Bald Coot & Screaming Loon contains over 1000 entries of remarkable information about birds, birdlife and birdwatching. Chapters include: ... More

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    Dogs That Make a Difference

    By: Saskia AdamseBook

    From autistic children making a connection and prisoners letting down their guard, to older people finding companionship and accident victims respon... More

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    A Home for Rose How My Life Turned Upside Down for the Love of a Dog

    By: Jon KatzeBook

    'I believed Rose had a secret plan for the farm, a detailed map in her head that showed exactly where all her ewes and lambs and humans oug... More

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    The African Baobab

    By: Rupert WatsoneBook

    The baobab is surely the botanical symbol of Africa, instantly recognizable from afar and a compelling icon of the African landscape. This age-old ?... More

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    Dancing in the Moonlight

    By: Christina JoneseBook

    Rosa Brennan loves her job as stable jockey at the Victoriana Grange racing stables in rural Berkshire, where wealthy Jersey-based owner Kit Pede... More

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    What Your Cat Wants

    By: Francesca RiccominieBook

    This indispensable guide has practical advice on all aspects of cat ownership. What Your Cat Wants acknowledges that you and your feline friend are v... More

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    By: Terence LindseyeBook

    Most albatrosses range across the Southern Hemisphere from Antarctica to Australia and from South Africa to South America. The ferocious air encircli... More

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    Kosciuszko Alpine Flora

    By: Ab Costin,M Gray,Cj Totterdell,Dj WimbusheBook

    Finalist Scholarly Reference section - The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing 2001 Around Australia"s highest mountain lies a... More

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    The Wild Duck Chase Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest

    By: Martin J. SmitheBook

    The Wild Duck Chase takes readers into the peculiar world of competitive duck painting as it played out during the 2010 Federal Duck Stamp Con... More

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    Booderee National Park The Jewel of Jervis Bay

    By: Nick Dexter, David Lindenmayer, Martin Fortescue, Esther Beaton, Christopher MacGregoreBook

    Discover why Booderee National Park is a special part of Australia?s natural heritage. Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay, 200km south of Sydney, ... More

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    Everything Dog Book: Learn to train and understand your furry best friend!

    By: Dominique DeVito, Carlos DeVitoeBook

    Are you a first-time dog owner?
    Do you have a new puppy at home?
    Are you a lifelong dog lover with two or three canine companions?

    Whate... More

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    By: Brad PurcelleBook

    Many present-day Australians see the dingo as a threat and a pest to human production systems. An alternative viewpoint, which is more in tune with ... More

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    Simple Stargazing

    By: Anton VampleweBook

    A first-time skywatcher?s guide from bright new talent, BBC Blue Peter astronomer, Anton Vamplew Most books on stargazing claim to be for beginners... More

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