WHSmith Magazine Ordering Service

Do you have a specialist interest or hobby, but find it difficult to get hold of the magazine or partwork to go with it? If so, why not place a regular order?

At WHSmith, we are committed to offering the largest selection of magazines possible both in store and online. However, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to get the magazine that you want on a regular basis. If this is the case, we can place a regular order for you in store. Your order can last as long as you wish, giving you a flexible, fast and cost effective way of easily getting the titles you want.

To place an order, simply click on this link to open and print the PDF Order Form, (right click, then 'save target as' to download the form to your computer).

Fill in your details and hand it to a member of staff in your local store. You will be given a dedicated folder in store where your magazine will be held until you collect it. To ensure that your magazine is reserved for you, we will ask for a deposit, which is fully refundable should you decide to cancel your order.

If you don't have the Adobe Reader to view and print PDF files, you can download it here from the Adobe Website

(Please note, this is an in store ordering service only)

Terms & Conditions

If your magazine remains uncollected for two issues, your order will be cancelled and your deposit retained to cover the costs incurred. If you are going away or are unable to collect your magazine for any reason, please inform a member of staff to ensure that your order continues.

WHSmith will use its reasonable endeavours to obtain all copies of the ordered title, but for reasons beyond its control is unable to guarantee this.

In the event that a customer discovers that an issue of an ordered title is missing or faulty, the customer must inform a member of staff immediately. Late notification of a missing issue will exclude any liability of WHSmith to the customer.

In the event that a missing issue is unable to be obtained, for whatever reason, liability for this rests with the publisher and not WHSmith.

In any event, WHSmith’s liability under this contract shall be limited to the amount of deposit taken for the title in question.