How do I find what I want?

Follow these tips to find the product or inspiration you are looking for:

1. First try a quick search
2. If that doesn't work for a Book, eBooks or Stationery you can use the Advanced Search
3. If you prefer to browse for inspiration - we'll point you in the right direction

1. Quick Searches

At the top of each page there's a search box - enter what you're looking for there, such as:

  • title
  • author
  • publisher
  • product code (including ISBNs for books)
  • brand, eg Parker, Moleskine, Lego
  • product type, eg fountain pen
  • words associated with the product, eg Dr Who

Click Search to find products.

You can then re-order your search results by:

  • price
  • alphabetical order for title or author
  • publishing date
  • bestseller rank

Or narrow down the search results by:

  • format (hardback, paperback, audio book or map)
  • price band
  • age range

Handy search tip: use an asterisk if you only know part of the title or author - so, for example, if you're not sure how to spell Solzhenitsyn, enter Solz*.

Can't find a book, eBook or Stationery product using Quick Search ...

2. Try using Books Advanced Search

If your search in Books fails to find a product we’ll present you with the Advanced Book Search.

You can then specify whether the term you are looking for is in the title, author name, publisher or series.

Find a specific product using Advanced Search

Title, series and keywords

Not sure of the book's title? Just enter a keyword. For instance, enter Narnia into the Title box and you'll be shown all books related to The Chronicles of Narnia.

A series could be books like The Famous Five, James Bond or The Lord of the Rings. Enter the name in the Series box and select Search - if all the books you expect to see aren't there, just enter a book title in the Title box.

Author and narrator searches

The Advanced Search function is smart enough to find the author you're looking for, often without entering a full name.

Looking for Charles Dickens? Enter "Dickens" in the Author box. Want a book authored by 2 people? Use both names in the Author box.

ISBN and publisher searches

Every book is identified by a 10 or 13 digit code - an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

If you know the ISBN of the book you're looking for you don't need any more information for the Advanced Search. Enter the code into the ISBN box and the search for your book is on.

Looking for books by one particular publisher? Enter the name of the publisher in the Publisher box. Eg, want books by Faber & Faber? Type Faber into the Publisher box and all available books from that publisher will be found.

Audio book searches

To find only talking books (on CD and cassette), select the Audio Books box. Then follow the process above to search by author or title.

Map searches

Enter the location map you're looking for in the Title box, eg "London" and select the Map format box.

Looking for a detailed Ordnance Survey Explorer map? Follow these steps:

  • include the location in the Title box, eg "Peak District"
  • enter "Ordnance Survey" in the Publisher field
  • enter "Explorer" in the Series field

You can use other Advanced Search tools for other products:

3.Prefer to browse for inspiration?

You can get to all of our categories from every page by hovering your cursor over the Shop by departments link at the top of the page, or follow these links:

You'll see the sub-categories on the left hand side of the screen so that you can narrow down the list of products