Autism Spectrum Disorders Interventions and Treatments for Children and Youth

Autism Spectrum Disorders Interventions and Treatments for Children and Youth

By: Sara E. Byrd (author), Jennifer Ganz (author), Brenda Smith Myles (author), Sue Ann Kline (author), Professor Richard Simpson (author), Dr. Lisa Garriott Adams (author), Dr. Kaye L. Otten (author), Deborah Griswold (author), Josefa Ben-Arieh (author), Katherine Tapscott Cook (author), Sonja R. de Boer-Ott (author)eBook
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How can you best help children with autism reach their full potential?

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) present a perplexing challenge for parents and school professionals. This essential resource was developed to respond directly to the difficulty school professionals and families face in selecting and applying appropriate interventions and treatments for the children in their care. The information is presented in a straightforward format, practical for finding answers to complex questions, and includes:

  • A description of the intervention or treatment
  • Reported benefits and effects associated with its use
  • A synthesis of how the outcomes relate to individuals with ASD
  • Potential costs and risks

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  • publication date: 01/06/2004
  • ID: 9781452235837
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