Bookkeeping And Accounting In A Week Learn To Keep Books And Accounts In Seven Simple Steps

Bookkeeping And Accounting In A Week Learn To Keep Books And Accounts In Seven Simple Steps

By: Roger Mason (author)eBook


Bookkeeping and accounting just got easier
Millions of sets of accounting records are kept all around the world. They range from the accounts of
major companies employing tens or hundreds of thousands of people to the cashbook of small local bodies such as a stamp collectors' club or tennis club. A knowledge of the subjects covered in this book will help anyone involved in accounts at any level do their jobs better.

With just a basic understanding, you will be able to deal effectively with such questions as: Sales are up so how can there possibly be an overdraft?; Why does every bookkeeping entry have two sides?; What is the accountant talking about?; Just what is a contingency account?

This book is written for anyone wishing to master these principles. By setting aside a little time each day for a week, you should develop thenecessary understanding.

Each of the seven chapters in Bookkeeping and Accounting In A Week covers a different aspect:
- Sunday: The basic principles of bookkeeping
- Monday: Different types of account and ledger
- Tuesday: More aspects of bookkeeping
- Wednesday: Preparation for the accounts
- Thursday: The profit and loss account
- Friday: The balance sheet
- Saturday: Understanding published accounts

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