Clusters: Touch Short Ebook Study Guide

Clusters: Touch Short Ebook Study Guide

By: J. Pienaar (author)eBook


Guidelines Short Ebooks Study Guides provide support and practice for the poems prescribed by the Independent Examinations Board for the Grade 12 English Home Language National Senior Certificate Exam.

Each guide focuses on an individual poem, helping learners to understand and interpret its structure, presentation and meaning. With line-by-line poetry analysis, historical, contextual and author biographical information, contextual questions and suggested answers, these short ebooks are an invaluable study aid to help learners prepare for the final examination.

Available as a Guidelines Short Ebook guide:
Clusters: Constantly Risking Absurdity (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
Clusters: Crossing Over (Chris Mann)
Clusters: Mirror (Sylvia Plath)
Clusters: Ode to Autumn (John Keats)
Clusters: Refugee Blues (Wynstan Hugh Auden)
Clusters: Remembrance (Emily Brontë)
Clusters: Touch (Hugh Lewin)
Clusters: Trespasser (Tatumkhulu Afrika)
Clusters: Will it be so again? (Cecil Day-Lewis)

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