Des Pawson's Knot Craft 35 Ropework Projects

Des Pawson's Knot Craft 35 Ropework Projects

By: Des Pawson (author)eBook


This treasure trove of Des Pawson's personal ropecraft recipes contains
projects ranging from bellropes, key fobs and fenders to mats,
doorstops, knife lanyards and belts. The second edition has been
expanded to include more of Des's enticing ropework projects. Along
with fascinating tit bits of
nautical history as background to the many projects, and guidance as to
they can be the starting point for many other items, Des gives
step-by-step instructions on how to put these knots together to form
the finished article, and provides advice on the size and lengths of
materials required - just as you would expect from a recipe book.

this book to hand, readers will have the confidence to start making
desirable objects with knots because, as Des says, this is the book
that makes all other knot books work!

'You'll certainly never look at a frayed off-cut of rope in quite the same way again.' Classic Boat

'A must' Waterways World

A gem of a book' Canal Boat and Inland Waterways

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  • publication date: 20/06/2013
  • ID: 9781408156148
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
  • publisher imprint: Adlard Coles

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