Flashman Papers 3-Book Collection 4: Flashman and the Dragon, Flashman on the March, Flashman and the Tiger

Flashman Papers 3-Book Collection 4: Flashman and the Dragon, Flashman on the March, Flashman and the Tiger

By: George MacDonald Fraser (author)eBook


The last three books in George MacDonald Fraser’s uproarious bestselling Flashman series, now available in one ebook for the first time. FLASHMAN AND THE DRAGON: 1860As China seethes through the bloodiest civil war in history, and the British and French armies hack their way to the heart of the Forbidden City, Flashman finds his services much in demand. There’s the vicar’s wife, desperate to sell her cargo of opium; the Amazonian bandit queen who, having mislaid five husbands, is casting about for a sixth; Lord Elgin in need of an intelligence chief for a perilous mission to Peking; and the Emperor’s ravishing concubine who would have the hairy barbarian shaved and perfumes and delivered to her pavilion… FLASHMAN ON THE MARCH: 1867-8Who better to undertake a perilous mission into deepest Abyssinia to rescue Britons held hostage by a mad emperor that the ever reluctant Sir Harry Flashman, V.C.? In a land populated by warriors, leather-clad nymphs with a penchant for torture, de-ballocking Amazons, and a voluptuous queen who feeds disobliging guest to her pet lions,Flash Harry’s mastery of lechery and poltrooney will be put to the ultimate test. FLASHMAN AND THE TIGER: 1878-1894Whether embroiled in a plot to assassinate Emperor Franz-Josef, saving the Prince of Wales from scandal, or galloping hell-for-leather with a horde of angry Zulus in hot pursuit, Flashman never disappoints.

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  • publication date: 03/10/2013
  • ID: 9780007532506
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  • publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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