French Beaded Flowers - The Complete Guide

French Beaded Flowers - The Complete Guide

By: Zoe L. Schneider (author)eBook
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Capture the fleeting beauty of a flower in beads and wire.

French Beaded Flowers - The Complete Guide includes everything you need to start making your own lovely floral creations using only beads, wire and a few simple tools. Inside you'll find:

  • helpful information on selecting the right beads, wire and tools for French beading.
  • step-by-step instructions and photos for a wide variety of techniques that can be used to create petals, leaves, stems and more.
  • lessons on botany and the language of flowers to enhance your beaded projects.
  • patterns for gorgeous individual flowers and arrangements.
  • tips on using the techniques to design and create your own unique flowers.
  • an inspiring gallery of advanced beadwork.
Give French beading a try and surround yourself with beautiful flowers year-round!

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  • publication date: 25/05/2010
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