It's All Light The Morphic Resonance of Light; A Unified Theory

It's All Light The Morphic Resonance of Light; A Unified Theory

By: G. Prema (author)eBook
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It's All Light presents a unified theory of science and the spiritual, providing evidence that the universe creates form from sound, using lightwaves as it's clay. As well as this, it explains the common nature of the seen and the unseen, from the wave / particle duality of light in the physical world to the tunnel of light commonly seen during near-death experiences. Drawing on references from modern science as well as ancient spiritual and religious texts that Prema has researched extensively, she describes methods that can be used to lead towards the spiritual state known as 'enlightenment' or 'oneness'. According to Prema, this conception of enlightenment is attained through love, which creates coherent light waves, based on her theories. Coherent waves then create an accumulation of information that approaches omniscience, which is itself a description of oneness with the universe.

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  • publication date: 20/06/2015
  • ID: 9781426983269
  • book language: EN
  • publisher: Trafford Publishing
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