Make Love Like a Prairie Vole Six Steps to Passionate, Plentiful and Monogamous Sex

Make Love Like a Prairie Vole Six Steps to Passionate, Plentiful and Monogamous Sex

By: Andrew G Marshall (author)eBook
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prairie vole, a small rodent from the mid-western plains of the USA, has it
made. Not only do prairie voles pair off for life but they spend hours grooming
and cuddling in their burrows. At their peak, they will make love for two-day
marathons! They are great parents too, with the male vole completely involved
in caring for his pups. In contrast, their cousins the meadow
voles mate indiscriminately and live solitary lives, with the female meadow
vole left to bring up her offspring alone.

neuroscientists are so interested in the radical difference between these two
lifestyles, we know more about the brain make-up of prairie voles than any other
creature. Thanks to them, we are now beginning to understand the biochemical
pathways of love shared by all species of animals, including ourselves, and the
key to a more fulfilling sex life.

Therapist Andrew G Marshall combines this latest scientific research with
twenty-five years' professional experience of helping couples turn around their
love lives. In Make Love Like a Prairie Vole, he has created a programme that will not only
transform routine into passionate sex but also leads to the kind of lovemaking
that will bind you and your partner together as a couple.

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