Max Ferguson's Digital Darkroom Masterclass

Max Ferguson's Digital Darkroom Masterclass

By: Max Ferguson (author)eBook
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Max Ferguson is a leading monochrome printer. Well established in his field, he has worked for many top photographic laboratories, including Joe's Basement and Visualeyes. He has also run his own successful business. Max is now based in Australia, working for Photo Technica.

To find out 'what happens between click and ink area,' everyone involved in image production, from art directors to weekend amateurs, will find this an invaluable guide.

These unique masterclasses, in the modern technique-led approach to photographic post-production, show how darkroom and digital techniques go hand in hand in finishing off an image. Max provides, among many others, a thorough explanation of: * split grade printing, * printing through stockings, * monochrome toning emulation. So you too can achieve professional-looking results, a number of images are shown with a breakdown of the methods used in their production. Featured work includes inspirational images from these leading international professional photographers: Spencer Rowell, Phil Jude, Bob Carlos Clarke, Tobi Corney, Graham Goldwater, Jon Bader and Mark Anthony.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains: a series of tutorials for monitor viewing; some of the author's images in layered form for readers to edit and manipulate; extra information on colour management as PDFs; and relevant downloads from Adobe. Tryout versions [with limited functionality] of Adobe Photoshop® 5.5; Adobe Premiere® 5.0 and Adobe After Effects® 4.0, as well as Adobe GoLive TM and Adobe Acrobat Reader® for PC and Mac platforms, and Adobe InDesign TM and Adobe LiveMotion TM for MAC.

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  • publication date: 13/09/2000
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