My Bum Looks Brilliant In This The One True Secret of Lasting Weight Loss

My Bum Looks Brilliant In This The One True Secret of Lasting Weight Loss

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The one true secret to lasting weight loss, written by a leading psychologist.Sort out the 'big stuff' and your weight will take care of itself argues clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo. Looking beyond diets and the gym, Karen's approach considers you, the person. Put simply, you're a person with a bum attached - not the other way round. Karen was compelled to write this book in response to the large numbers of women she's treated for weight loss during the 20 years she's been in practice. Her book is based on these straightforward principles: 1. Women are women, not men 2. What's going on in the rest of your life will affect your weight 3. Body image and self esteem influence your weight 4. Get the life you want and you'll get the weight you want.Aimed at women aged 25-50 My Bum Looks Brilliant covers all the relevant issues: fat vs skinny genes; getting older; stressful and busy lives; relationships; enjoying exercise; self-image and emotional eating, among others, in a chatty accesible (not scientific) style. Real-life examples, practical 'Stuff to Do' and 'Food for Thought' summaries are found in each chapter.

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  • publication date: 05/03/2015
  • ID: 9781869794330
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Random House New Zealand
  • publisher imprint: Random House New Zealand

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