My Revision Notes: AQA AS Biology ePub

My Revision Notes: AQA AS Biology ePub

By: Mike Boyle (author)eBook


Get the best grades with My Revision Notes: AQA AS Biology.
  • Manage your own revision with step-by-step support from experienced teacher and former examiner Mike Boyle
  • Use specific examples and advice to improve your knowledge of biological processes and applications
  • Get the top marks by applying biological terms accurately with the help of definitions and key words
  • Improve your exam skills with self-testing and exam-style questions and answers

My Revision Notes
will help you prepare for the big day:
  • Plan and pace your revision with My Revision Planner
  • Use the concise notes to revise the essential information
  • Use the examiner's tips and summaries to clarify key points
  • Avoid making typical mistakes with expert advice
  • Test yourself with end-of-topic questions and answers and tick off each topic as you complete it
  • Practise your exam skills on exam questions then check your answers online
  • Get exam-ready with last-minute quick quizzes at

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  • publication date: 21/12/2012
  • ID: 9781444179729
  • series: MRN
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Hodder Education
  • publisher imprint: Philip Allan

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