Owner Building Made Easy Understand the process and save money

Owner Building Made Easy Understand the process and save money

By: Tamara Aspeling (author)eBook
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Tamara Aspeling takes you, the would-be owner-builder, through all the steps involved in the process in a way that’s logical, accessible and chronological. The book covers the preparation of plans, obtaining local authority approval, costing and estimating, putting the project out to tender, selecting a contractor and negotiating a building contract that’s fair to both owner and contractor. Packed with practical, money-saving tips, and filling a much needed gap in the South African market, Owner-building Made? Easy shows you how to anticipate and thus avoid unexpected pitfalls, and follows the house-building or renovation process sequentially from design to completion.

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  • publication date: 14/08/2012
  • ID: 9781432301347
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Random House Struik
  • publisher imprint: Struik Lifestyle (Random House Struik)

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