Plasticizers Databook

Plasticizers Databook

By: Anna Wypych (author)eBook
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Plasticizer Databook contains data on selection of the most important plasticizers in use today. The selection includes 375 generic and commercial plasticizers. The generic plasticizers contain data for particular chemical compound from numerous sources and these generic plasticizer tables usually contain the most extensive information. The commercial plasticizers include only data given by plasticizer manufacturers. This allows comparison of properties of commercial plasticizers coming from different sources.

The databook was developed to contain data required in plasticizers application. Attempts have been made to include plasticizers used in various sectors of industry to provide information for all users and to help in finding new solutions. Plasticizers included in the book differ from solvents by boiling point, which is above 250oC, but some plasticizers are used as temporary plasticizers or are expected to react with other components of mixture. These substances will not meet the boiling temperature criterion but will still be included since they play role of plasticizers.

  • Based on the biggest plasticizer database ever published.
  • Includes 375 generic and commercial plasticizers.
  • Divided into sections for ease of use.

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  • publication date: 01/07/2013
  • ID: 9780323221337
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  • publisher: Elsevier Science
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