NLP In A Week Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Seven Simple Steps

NLP In A Week Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Seven Simple Steps

By: Mo Shapiro (author)eBook


NLP just got easier
Welcome to the world of NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. This book will introduce you to the main themes and ideas that constitute NLP. It will give you an outline knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, together with practical and thought-provoking exercises. NLP has its own language and organizing systems, which are fully explained with examples relating to work and personal issues. The theories and practice of NLP will help you discover what makes some people excel in all aspects of their lives, and will enable you to do the same.

NLP in a Week provides a dynamic collection of tools, techniques and strategies that can facilitate excellence in all aspects of your life. This book will help you communicate more effectively and
develop your interactions by studying:

- the way you access and disseminate information through the language you use
- your perceptions and the values you hold

It will also offer you the opportunity to consider the different ways people filter information, thereby enabling you to create greater rapport by using their preferred filters and experiencing the world from their perspective. You will be able to increase your understanding of others by utilizing NLP's precision questions for clarification and thereby extending your 'map of the world'.

NLP was developed to answer the following questions:

- How, specifically, do outstanding individuals consistently achieve the results that make them outstanding?
- What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill and somebody who excels in it?

NLP is based on the idea that mind, body and language interact to create our individual perception of what happens around us and that these perceptions, and their accompanying behaviours, can be changed. Developers of NLP believe that happiness and success are the result of specific patterns of thinking that can be learned by anyone.

The psychiatrist R. D. Laing said: 'Change your body, change your mind. Change your mind, change your body.' When your mind is working with you and is on your side then your body will follow. You
can use NLP to make changes whenever you feel stuck, and your new 'position' will enable new action. Your mind is your internal powerhouse that steers your thoughts and subsequent actions.
The messages and thoughts from your mind have a significant influence on the way you feel and the actions you take. What is in your mind affects your health and wellbeing. What you think is what
you get. NLP helps you increase the messages that are 'good' for you and diminish those that aren't.

Neuro-linguistic programming is something you do already, only you may not know you are doing it. Through understanding what works for you and for others, you remove the element of chance and can, by design, create your own effective outcomes in any situation. The better we understand ourselves and others, the better we can change what is not working in our lives and increase what is.

By the end of the week you will be able to use NLP at work and in your personal life in a way that will sharpen your skills and boost your achievements.

- Sunday: What is NLP?
- Monday: Identify empowering and limiting beliefs
- Tuesday: Recognize how we re-present information to ourselves
- Wednesday: Use precision questions to find out what people mean
- Thursday: Identify different communication filters
- Friday: Use the six levels of change and reframing
- Saturday: Increase your options

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