The Good Birth Companion A Practical Guide to Having the Best Labour and Birth

The Good Birth Companion A Practical Guide to Having the Best Labour and Birth

By: Nicole Croft (author)eBook


All expecting mothers have an innate capacity to give birth safely and naturally, but it's easy to be distracted by stories of traumatic births and a deep anxiety that you won't be in control.

Experienced doula and Active Birth Associate, Nicole Croft, takes the fear out of labour and childbirth in this empowering and practical guide. Full of wise advice and simple skills to prepare you mentally and physically, Nicole tells you everything you need to know to ensure you have a very positive experience giving birth, whether you labour naturally or require medical intervention.

- Be calm, relaxed and prepared for childbirth

- Feel less pain during labour and help your birth progress naturally

- Remain confident and in control throughout the birth

- Feel very positive about your birth, with or without medical intervention

- Flourish with your baby in the first weeks after birth

Warm, wise and incredibly reassuring, The Good Birth Companion will give you all the information and resources you need to give birth safely to your baby.

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  • publication date: 20/05/2011
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