The Wood Stash Project Book

The Wood Stash Project Book

By: Kerry Pierce (author)eBook


Get more out of every piece of wood!

Every woodworker has a pile of wood scraps, rips and cutoffs. The Wood Stash Project Book shows you how to put this perfectly good material to use in fun and creative ways.

You'll learn how to turn "leftovers" into great gifts using carving, turning and your favorite hand-tooling techniques. Step-by-step photos are included for each project, ranging from kitchen utensils and small sculptures to jewelry, letter openers, boxes and more.

Learn how to turn your wood scrap into fun, finished pieces like these:

  • Cherry-Wood Vase
  • Faceted Wooden Beads
  • Cherry Key Cache
  • Bandsawn Maple Change Box
  • Cherry Spoon
  • Mixed-Wood Cutting Board
  • Basket for Cut Flowers
  • Three-Tier Keepsake Chest
  • Set of Checkers
  • Desk Clock
  • Porthole Picture Frames
  • Cherry Shelves
  • Walnut Box
  • Figured Maple Box
  • Figured Maple Spatula

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  • publication date: 31/07/2002
  • ID: 9781440316074
  • book language: en
  • publisher: F+W Media
  • publisher imprint: Popular Woodworking Books

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