This is What I Have to Say The Movellas Poetry Competition

This is What I Have to Say The Movellas Poetry Competition

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Macmillan Children’s Books teamed up with Movellas, the online writing community, to run the Stanza and Deliver poetry-writing competition, open to teenagers aged thirteen to eighteen. After receiving hundreds of fantastic entries, the twenty-four best poems have been selected and are featured in this wonderful new collection, This Is What I Have to Say.

A competition to give Movellas users the chance to design their very own cover for the poetry collection was also run in conjunction with the poetry prize, and of the many stunning entries one very special design has been chosen. With a foreword and some brilliant writing tips, both from renowned poet Roger Stevens, this is a truly moving and thought-provoking collection of work from up-and-coming poets.

Poems are:

Who Do You Think You Are? by Lola Jay
Late Snow by Nina
Starhopping by Bobsicle Snow
White by Enya Sanders
Remember by Danonite
The Suffering by The Countess
Why I Smile . . . by J. K. Panesar
Music by WriterMan
Still So Innocent by All But Faceless
The Guardian of Time by Lilmisswondererr
Beauty by A. Lawless
Rain by DoodleArtiste
The Writer by WriterMan
She Could Have Been by Sunny Chee
Shadow by Fleeples
Sentries of the Skies by Annie.G
The Boy Who Walks on the Wall by abba13
Singing the Primitive Beauty by RedRascalStrawberry
We Are Not Stars by Fleeples
About Me by Mishe97
Kiss Me by SketchSket
Always by Genny Lawrence
Plasticine Elephant by iWriter
Home by Nadianadia

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  • publication date: 25/10/2013
  • ID: 9781447256007
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  • publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • publisher imprint: Macmillan Children's Books

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