I Lost My Heart To The Belles

I Lost My Heart To The Belles

By: Pete Davies (author)eBook


What kind of women play football? Factory workers, bank clerks, policewomen, students and shop assistants, they come together on a Sunday united by a passion for the game all too woefully absent from the money-drenched circus of professional sport. Fired by a Collective clan, an infectious joie de vivre, over the past dozen years the Doncaster Belles have been successful beyond the dreams of any other women's team. Pete Davies spends a season with the Belles - and finds a unique group of people with an abundance of talent, and a vividly earthy sense of humour. They play hard in the pit villages and nightclubs of South Yorkshire, they play hard on tatty pitches in run-down suburbs and industrial estates - but they play for love too, and to a standard that could convert the most blinkered chauvinist. At a time when more and more women are both watching and playing football, this club have been trailblazers; in this rich, diverting and passionate book, Davies make it plain why you too, once you've met them, will lose your heart to the Belles.

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  • publication date: 30/09/2014
  • ID: 9781446440254
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Random House
  • publisher imprint: Cornerstone Digital

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