Cosmic Adultery

Cosmic Adultery

By: Kelly Connor (author)eBook


‘My name is Mary Theobold,’ she said, when it was her turn to speak. Ralf’s head swivelled of its own accord to look at her. Her voice seemed to take hold of him. She continued, ‘I’m a playwright, an actor and an author. My books and my plays are autobiographical. They describe how I live and work at the threshold between the living and dead. I’m very pleased to have been invited to speak at the conference and I look forward very much to the coming week.’ Ralf was hardly breathing. In the pleasant Northern summer of 2006, a chance meeting at an anthroposophical conference opens the portal of initiation for psychotherapist Ralf Pinton and author Mary Theobold when, through a powerful mutual attraction, they meet forces of karma that will test the limit of their morality and the strength of their spiritual conviction. They embark on a clandestine relationship through emails, texts and phone calls but the shock of a kundalini experience (a process of awakening) catapults Mary and Ralf so deeply into the conundrum of their destiny that they lose sight of the effect their reliance on technology is having on their relationship. Mary is offered a way out of the maze through the cryptic appearance of the Grail Cup but Ralf casts doubt on its authenticity and on Mary’s spiritual discernment. Is it the true Grail Cup or mere intellectual trickery? Is Ralf trying to protect Mary from a serious spiritual mistake or is he trying to undermine her for his own dark motive and purpose? This debut novel is the first book in a trilogy. It takes the reader through the dramatic and shifting soulscapes that must be traversed by modern spiritual seekers who dare to stand face to face with the riddle of truth. Cosmic Adultery is a fictionalised sequel to author Kelly Connor's groundbreaking memoir, To Cause A Death. Kelly is inspired by many authors including Rudolf Steiner, Yann Martel, Philippa Gregory, Alice Sebold and Hilary Mantel.

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  • publication date: 15/01/2014
  • ID: 9781848769274
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • publisher imprint: Matador

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