Colouring Pencils

Colouring pencils - a classic favourite for all ages

From colouring books and doodling as a child, to creative art projects in adulthood; colouring pencils are an important tool to inspire your inner artist. In a wide variety of colours and shades, you’ll find everything from pastel to neon tones to choose from.

Colouring pencils aren't just available in many different shades, they also come in several different formats. Triangular colouring pencils, for example, are a novel option that offer more comfort and grip as you colour. Some people opt for double-ended pencils as they make blending and experimenting effortless. If you find holding a pen or pencil a challenge, we also have pencil grips and other stationery accessories available which can make the job easier.

Protect your pencils with a tin or case

If you want your pencils to last, a protective tin or case is essential. If you don't have one already, we sell pencil sets which come with their own tin and/or case. Alternatively, buy pencils in temporary packaging and transfer them to a pencil case or storage box so that they remain safely stored until you want to use them. Coloured pencils are an important piece of school equipment, as well as being a gorgeous gift that's just the thing to team with a colouring book, drawing paper or some arts & craft accessories. As well as traditional colouring pencils, we also have 'grip' pencils which are easier to hold - ideal for smaller fingers or people for whom fine motor skills may be a challenge.

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53 - 52 of 52 Results