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We all have at least one author who has a special place in our hearts and takes up more than their fair share of space on our bookshelves. It might be the author who introduced you to your favourite genre, or the first storyteller to keep you up all night desperately trying to find out what happens next! Whatever the reason they struck a chord with you, you’ll find a huge selection of the best authors for you to explore. Explore new authors within children’s books, fiction, food & drink and more to discover phenomenal new books to bury your nose in.

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David Walliams

Spotlight Author: David Walliams

Filled with unique characters and imaginative stories, David Walliams books have quickly become a must-have for all little readers. Since his debut children’s book – The Boy in the Dress – was released in 2008, Walliams has continued to build compelling worlds for children to escape into.

Explore bestselling David Walliams books, including The World’s Worst Pets, Spaceboy, and the latest release for 2023; Robodog.

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