David Baldacci

David Baldacci

A global success story, David Baldacci's books have been published in more than 45 different languages and sold in over 80 countries, with over 110 million copies in print around the world. Born and raised in Virginia, David studied Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, before completing his law degree. He burst onto the literary scene back in 1996 with Absolute Power, which was made into a motion picture adaptation, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. With 34 novels now under his belt, David Baldacci has written series of books - including the Camel Club Series, John Puller Series and Will Robie Series, as well as a handful of children's novels.

David still resides in Virginia with his family where he has set up the Wish You Well Foundation with his wife - a non-profit organisation with an aim of eliminating illiteracy across the US.

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Our favourite David Baldacci Books 

David Baldacci

No Man's Land

No Man's Land is an exciting thriller in the fourth series featuring special investigator John Puller, who is pursuing a case that will send him deep into his own troubled past. John Puller is the US Army's most tenacious investigator, but he is not equipped to face the truth about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago. New evidence has come to light suggesting that Puller's father - a highly decorated army veteran - may have murdered his wife. When Puller's friend, intelligence operative Veronica Knox, arrives on the scene, he realizes that there is far more to this case than he first thought. He knows that nothing will prevent him from discovering what really happened to his mother - even if it means proving that his father is a killer...

Available now in Paperback, Hardback and Kobo eBook.

Our Favourite David Baldacci Books