John Grisham

John Grisham

Born in Arkansas, John Grisham grew up wanting to become a professional baseball player. Not quite cutting it on the baseball pitch he instead studied law and became a lawyer. John wrote his first novel, A Time To Kill, over three years, getting up at 5am every morning to write for a few hours before heading to work. The story was inspired by the harrowing testimony of a 12-year-old rape victim and was eventually published in 1988. The day after completing A Time To Kill, John started work on his second novel. This book was named The Firm and was the best-selling novel of 1991 before Paramount Pictures bought the film rights for $600,000.

From that time on, John has written one novel a year and has a succession of best-sellers to his name. In 1996, John stayed true to his word and returned to the courtroom to represent the family of a railroad operative who had been killed while at work. The family received nearly $700,000 - the biggest verdict of John's career. John is married to Renee and they have two children, Ty and Shea. His name is synonymous with modern court-room thrillers and he still has a burning passion for baseball.

John Grisham

Rogue Lawyer

'The best thriller writer alive' - Ken Follett. I'm not a typical lawyer. I don't maintain a pretty office filled with mahogany and leather. I don't belong to a big firm, prestigious or otherwise. I don't do good works through the bar association. I'm a lone gunman, a rogue who fights bad systems and hates injustice ...Sebastian Rudd takes the cases no one else wants to take: the drug-addled punk accused of murdering two little girls; a crime lord on death row; a homeowner who shot at a SWAT team. Rudd believes that every person accused of a crime is entitled to a fair trial - even if he has to cheat to get one. He antagonises people from both sides of the law: his last office was firebombed, either by drug dealers or cops. He doesn't know or care which. But things are about to get even more complicated for Sebastian. Arch Swanger is the prime suspect in the abduction and presumed murder of 21-year-old Jiliana Kemp, the daughter of the assistant chief of police. When Swanger asks Sebastian to represent him, he lets Sebastian in on a terrible secret that will threaten everything Sebastian holds dear. Gritty, witty, and impossible to put down, Rogue Lawyer is the master of the legal thriller at his very best.

Available now in Paperback, Hardback and Kobo eBook.

Interview with John Grisham

John Grisham talks about his initial struggle to get A Time To Kill published back in 1989 and how it almost led him to give up on his dream of becoming a writer. The first novel by John initially never made it to paperback, but the success of his second novel, The Firm, revived his hopes. He talks about how he has always been asked whether he planned to write a sequel to his debut novel; his answer has always been an honest: "I don't know". That is until a couple of years ago, when he started penning his latest release, Sycamore Row.

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