Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter ran a sign business before her international success. The writing was on the wall for her to become a successful author, and she's now a number one bestseller in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Holland and Germany with 30 million books sold and counting. However, she hasn't forgotten her Georgia roots – that's Georgia, USA. When Karin is not globe-trotting for book signings in locations as diverse as Singapore, Australia, Finland and France, she returns to the city of Atlanta where she attended college. Although she never graduated, Karin Slaughter – and that's her real name – considers herself a lifelong learner and is always reading voraciously in the pursuit of further knowledge.

She is a prolific author, having written titles such as 'A Faint Cold Fear' in the Grant County series and 'Broken and Fallen' in the Will Trent series. When she is not putting pen to paper and regaling audiences with her intricate crime tales, she has many adrenaline-fuelled hobbies to partake in; she's swam with sharks in Australia, she went weightless in the Zero-G Vomit Comet and jumped butt-naked into the Baltic after a bracing sauna in Finland. Neither do her thrill-seeking tendencies show any signs of slowing down as she wants to enter sub-orbital space via the Virgin Galactic space program.

Karin Slaughter

The Kept Woman

The Kept Woman is the long-awaited latest novel in the Will Trent series, an electrifying and emotionally complex thriller which delves into the mysterious murder of an ex-cop whose is discovered in an empty Atlanta warehouse. Fast paced and full of suspense, this book attacks love, loss and redemption seamlessly, pleasing all new and existing fans.

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Unseen by Karin Slaughter

'Unseen' is a gripping thriller from Karin Slaughter and another instalment in the Will Trent series. When the police become the target, special agent Will Trent must question all he knows because now everyone is a suspect. This brilliant book is available to buy from WHSmith online or in-store.

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