Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes is one of the most well-known and successful Irish novelists of all time. Born in 1963 in Limerick, she was a relatively late-starter when it came to writing her first set of short stories 30 years later. In 1995, her first novel, Watermelon, was published in Ireland and was an immediate smash hit. Its quirky Irish humour and chatty tone appealed to people of all ages in all countries; Watermelon quickly spread to Britain, followed by America, and is now published in 33 languages.

Despite saying she'd never write a novel because "it would take too long", Marian now has ten under her belt, with over 23 million sold worldwide. Four of her books - The Other Side of the Story, Anybody Out There, This Charming Man and The Brightest Star in the Sky - were all the second highest selling paperback novels in the years they were published. After a major depressive episode in 2009, she eventually published Saved by Cake in 2012 – half recipe book, half autobiography. Despite shying away from the public eye, Marian continues to write from her home in Dun Laoghaire, where she lives with her husband.

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Marian Keyes

Making It Up As I Go Along

A hilarious collection of essays, perfect for fans of Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham. A collection of hilarious, poignant and moving essays from the Number 1 "Sunday Times "bestselling novelist. Marian's tales of her eye-lash extension horrors, domestic Goddess attempts and the time that she decided to become a yoga instructor will have you crying with laughter.

This is a bold, brilliant book bursting with Marian's hilarious and heartfelt observations on modern life, love and much, much else besides. Welcome to the magnificent Making It Up as I Go Along - aka the World According to Marian Keyes.

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