Val McDermid

Val McDermid

Growing up in Kirkcaldy on the east coast of Scotland, Val knew from a young age that she wanted to write. She studied English at St Hilda's College, Oxford, and was the first student to be accepted from a state school in Scotland. Following her degree, she trained as a journalist. Ignoring the pleas of friends and family to get a 'proper' job, she spent the next 14 years working on national newspapers. Val wrote her first novel aged 21 and, despite being rejected by every publishing house, it was turned into a play. Still with the dream of being a novelist, Val started writing Report for Murder in 1984 and it was published in 1987.

She finally gave up the day job in 1991 to become a full-time writer. She has won numerous awards and written dozens of books, as well as reviews and radio dramas. Find out more about Val at

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Val McDermid

Splinter the Silence

'That day, waiting had been almost unbearable. He wanted something more spectacular, something that couldn't be ignored. These deaths needed to make a mark ...' Psychological profiler Tony Hill is trained to see patterns, to decode the mysteries of human behaviour, and when he comes across a series of suicides among women tormented by vicious online predators, he begins to wonder if there is more to these tragedies than meets the eye. Similar circumstances, different deaths. Could it be murder? But what kind of serial killer wants his crimes to stay hidden? Former DCI Carol Jordan has her own demons to confront, but with lives at stake, Tony and Carol begin the hunt for the most dangerous and terrifying kind of killer - someone who has nothing to fear and nothing to lose ...

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