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11+ and Common Entrance Exams Books

The right resources can really make a difference to results when it comes to selective exams such as the 11+ (including the Kent test) and common entrance exams. We offer up-to-date practice papers, guides, how-tos and related books which give students, tutors and parents the resources they need to prepare for these important exams.

Our selection includes a range of practice exercises which are designed to improve key skills such as verbal reasoning, logic, non-verbal reasoning, spatial awareness, English, maths, spelling and word problems. The books are graded, enabling students to start with the easier concepts, gradually working their way up to more complex work.

Practice papers and 11+ Parents' Guides

Practising for these exams not only helps to build the necessary core skills, it also helps to give students more confidence and familiarise them with what will be expected on the day. A little practice, done regularly, can make a significant impact on performance, as well as boost overall attainment at school.

Guides for parents, tutors and teachers help adults to prepare students for the 11+ tests and entrance exams they need to pass in order to proceed to the next stage of their education. State-funded primary schools are not obliged to teach the necessary skills for the 11+ - the right practice books and tuition is often the only way students can get the information they need.

The 11+ and common entrance exam material has been specifically designed to be user-friendly and effective, giving students the competencies needed to deliver their very best performance.

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1 - 12 of 249 Results
1 - 12 of 249 Results