Award-winning cookbooks. We offer an extensive range of cookbooks that encourage healthy eating, offering guides to popular diets and making weight loss more accessible. Many of these books are award-winning and bestsellers, proven to be incredibly popular and effective.

Whether you are a beginner or the most experienced cook, these cookbooks offer a huge range of delicious recipes fit for different lifestyles, designed to excite and motivate those who want to cook their way to better health. We offer a selection of books that cater to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyles, as well as many popular diet plans. The simple step by step directions make it easy to create restaurant-quality meals at home that the whole family will be satisfied with.

Flavourful and satisfying recipes.

Proof that dieting does not have to mean you can’t eat delicious food, our healthy eating cookbooks are full of flavourful and satisfying recipes. You will learn to cook outstanding food and lose weight at the same time. With books from dieticians, foodies and well known celebrity chefs – each recipe is expertly crafted to be as nourishing yet slimming as possible. From exotic dishes bursting with flavour, guilt-free sweet treats, low-carb snacks and Friday night fakeaways.

These cookbooks offer meals to suit the whole family and keep everyone healthy, even if you are short on time or on a tight budget. So no matter your situation, everyone can feel better on the inside and out.

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