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True Crime Biographies

Books on true crime include biographies of people who were brought to justice but also the world’s top criminals who took their secrets to the grave. Other crime-related books are from the viewpoint of the professionals who track down, treat or rehabilitate offenders. It can be gripping to read how police forces solve major crimes. All these books offer a glimpse inside the motives and behaviours of criminals. Some books on the topic of crime and punishment show the perspective of the victims.

What happens to people who escape the clutches of notorious killers, and how do some people walk away from gang membership? If you're curious to answer theses questions, you're in the right place.

Television programmes like Peaky Blinders and Hollywood exposure of the crimes of Ted Bundy have heightened public fascination. Books about true crime can provide unique insights into why people kill, and how they get away with horrendous acts for so long. There are books that throw the spotlight on organised crime too, including modern crime gangs, prohibition mobs and of course, books that expose the most famous crime syndicate the world has ever known – the Mafia.

What are the best known unsolved crimes? And what goes on in the dark minds of notorious serial killers?

Criminals, victims, families and law enforcers.

Interest in true crime is nothing new of course, and some readers will be fascinated with historic crime books, such investigation into Victorian-era murderers like Jack the Ripper. Browse our true crime books to thoroughly explore this fascinating and universal subject, and why not explore crime fiction too.

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