Decopatch is:

Get Crafty with Decopatch, the Fun Way to Upcycle!

Choose your favourite Decopatch paper designs, an object to decorate, some glue and a brush - that's all you need to get started. Enhance your creation with a selection of varnishes, paints and embellishments, and enjoy showing off your new creations.

About Decopatch

The Decopatch story began in a small garage in Lyon (France), an old wardrobe was standing gathering dust, it's owner wanted to upcycle it and using an array of coloured paper and glue, he created a truly unique look - and so the idea of Decopatch was born!

Discover a fun way to give another life to dated objects by upcycling and explore our vast array of paper mache objects to decoupage to your tastes. All you need is some Decopatch paper, a little glue and a brush - it's that easy!