Derwent at WHSmith

With a heritage dating back to 1832, Derwent’s innovation comes from a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of artists. Derwent offers a range of art materials that span from the first colouring pencil to the highest professional quality products. Still making pencils where graphite was discovered in England’s Lake District, Derwent hasn’t stopped pushing the boundaries of pencil making since they founded The Cumberland Pencil Company there in 1916. Today whilst crafting pencils for the world you’ll find Derwent experimenting with tomorrow’s formulations and pigments.

Keep Discovering with Derwent

With over 100 years of know-how packed into every pencil and art tool, for generations, artists have chosen and trusted the Derwent brand for art materials. Derwent still makes art materials in England's Lake District, where graphite was first discovered in 1832 and since then has been continually pushing boundaries, so artists can keep pushing theirs. Together we are on a journey: Keep Discovering.

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