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Founded in 1761 in Germany, Faber-Castell were pioneers in the manufacturing of wood-cased pencils. Nine generations and over 250 years later they are still led by the Faber family today; continuing to inspire creativity with their innovative office and art products. Renowned for their high quality and world-leading products, Faber-Castell are also committed to caring for the planet. From their forest in Brazil where they source their main raw material and neutralise their carbon footprint to their increasing use of recycled materials, there is a lot that Faber-Castell is proud to share.

Faber-Castell Playing & Learning

Faber-Castell Playing & Learning

Kids are positively bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and it’s important to encourage their creativity from a young age. While you can’t guarantee that they will become the next Picasso, you can give them a leg up by providing them all the tools they need to be creative with Faber-Castell’s Playing & Learning range.

Faber-Castell's range allows children to explore their creativity in a fun way, with an abundance of vibrant colours, inspiration, and products that will grow with your child as they develop their artistic skills.

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