Welcome to Legami at WHSmith!

Legami is an Italian brand with an eye for design, aesthetics, quality and innovation. With a huge range of products that are continuously being refreshed and renewed, Legami is a one-stop destination exploring the worlds of Stationery, Lifestyle, Travel and Tech.

With passion, ethics and integrity at the heart of the brand’s philosophy, every product offers a unique experience.

Discover Legami Erasable Pens!

With a range of adorable characters to choose from, there’s something for everyone: will you pick a unicorn, panda, bear, koala, cat or shark?

Want to write in black, blue or red?

When the heat-sensitive ink meets with the rubber at the end of the pen, it disappears completely without wearing out the surface, or the rubber. Simply rub and watch the magic happen.

No mistake lasts forever; just erase and carry on.


Explore Legami at WHSmith

  • Desk Accessories Desk Accessories

    Stationery has never been this fun. Make your desk a colourful, cheerful and positive place to work with our wonderful range of desk accessories.

  • Pens & Markers Write & Draw

    Express your most creative self with our range of tools for writing and drawing that are sure to raise a smile and bring your ideas to life.

  • Pencil Cases Notebooks & Journals

    Set your creativity free with Legami journals and notebooks. Choose the design, colour and size you prefer and let yourself be inspired.

  • Art & Craft Hi-Tech

    Technology takes centre stage with Legami's range of fun and eye-catching products that keep your digital life intact and in the spotlight.

  • Tech Face Masks

    Stay safe in style and check out all the ways that Legami keeps you and those around you protected.

  • Desk Accessories On the Go

    For every moment of your day, from your lunch break to a walk in the park, there’s a Legami accessory to suit your style.

About Legami

Legami was born in Italy in 2003 from a single idea: to reinterpret an iconic object that every school and university student owned in the 1970s: the book strap. Since then, Legami has never stopped evolving and growing to anticipate the needs of the modern world.

Today, the Legami brand is in fact a universe of worlds to explore: stationery, diaries, calendars, greeting cards, lifestyle and beauty objects, tech and travel accessories, and much more.

Every product is designed in Italy by the Legami creative team to lighten your life and bring good vibes, positivity and colour to every day.