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Parker Pens

Everyone has heard of Parker Pens – established in 1888, they are the go-to writing instrument when looking for a quality fountain or ball point pen. Here at WHSmith, we have a wide selection of Parker Pens within our stationery range.

From the Parker Vector in pink (exclusive to WHSmith) to the Parker Sonnet in brushed stainless steel, there's the perfect pen to suit everyone. Students need look no further; the Parker Fountain Pen is a must-have for any pencil case, and we also stock Parker Quink Fountain Pen refill cartridges

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The Parker Duofold

The History Of Parker

Parker Pens are now firmly established as one of the world's fine writing brands. The tale began when George Safford Parker, a 25 year-old part-time fountain pen salesman, stated that "it will always be possible to make a better pen". Disappointed with the unreliability of the pens he was selling, in 1888 he founded the Parker Pen Company and never looked back. Through his company, he paved the way for a succession of design innovations and breakthrough technologies. The Lucky Curve pen was patented by Parker in 1894 – a revolutionary design with its anti-leak ink feed system. The 1930s saw another ground-breaking mechanism: the Vacumatic. With this new design, their pens were able to hold twice as much ink as other pens.

More recently, in 2011, Parker launched 5TH Technology – a new way of writing which offers an ultra-smooth glide to complement and adapt to the users' handwriting style. This also promised an easy and clean refill system, with a no-leak guarantee.

But it's not just innovative technology where Parker has shone. The company also has a reputation for aesthetically-beautiful designs, with intricate chiselling and engraving techniques used to decorate caps, nibs and barrels.

The Parker Duofold

The Parker Duofold, a range of fountain pens produced by the Parker Pen Company, has been around since 1921. Back then, the first model was produced; a very large pen at nearly six inches, made of an impressive bright red hard rubber. The original size was soon accompanied by the smaller Duofold Junior, Duofold Special and Lady Duofold. In 1926, Parker introduced Permanite – Parker's trade name for a plastic manufactured by DuPont. Other colours were added to the range and they were produced in various hues and sizes well into the 1960s. In the 1980s they were revived at Parker's flagship store and in 1988 Parker launched the Duofold Centennial series of pens, which included fountain pens, rollerballs and pencils.

The current Duofold is a contemporary incarnation of this classic pen. Its timeless black finish is made from rich black resin, imparting an enamel-like appearance, and the platinum-plated trims, 18-carat solid gold nib and stamped cap make this a distinct and classy pen. Each pen is hand-polished, manually assembled and visually checked to ensure it is of flawless quality. The Duofold Pen has been an emblem of excellence since the 1920s, and still exudes luxury and elegance today.

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