About Pomegranate

Pomegranate believes that art should be in everyone's hands, every day, anywhere! For over 50 years it's been their mission to make art more accessible and available to everyone through products such as stationery, puzzles, decor, calendars, and notebooks. From hanging a calendar to piecing together a large puzzle, making notes, or collecting books; you'll feel inspired every time you interact with them.

A passion for art is at the heart of everything Pomegranate does, and they want to share that with you. Light the spark of creativity at home by curating a collection that you can re-visit again and again; as if you have your very own art gallery that never closes!

Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Pomegranate is a world-leading manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles that celebrate the beauty of fine art. Designed to enrich the spirit of creativity and wonder, they offer a beautiful selection of puzzles from artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Working with individual artists, museums, and libraries across the globe to bring you the very best imagery; their puzzles have a gorgeous matte finish and thick pieces that interlock immaculately. Each puzzle is packaged in a sturdy environmentally-responsible box adorned with a large image; perfect to use as a reference for completing your puzzle.

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