Sakura at WHSmith

Sakura is a Japanese word that means "Cherry Blossom." It is also the name of our globally renowned brand. Sakura brand is universally recognised for producing a wide product range of art and writing materials, including pens, markers, pencils, and other stationery products.

Particularly famous for its Pigma Micron pens and other Pigma pens which are widely acknowledged and used by artists, illustrators, and writers for their high-quality ink, precise lines, and archival properties, Sakura's products are widely used in various artistic and creative applications universally.

Sakura Pigma and Koi at WHSmith

We have a wide selection of craft kits for both children and adults containing all materials, instructions and inspiration that you need for your chosen activity. Why not disappear into the magical world of drawing or, maybe you'd rather learn to knit or knot macrame? However you feel, there is something to satisfy everyone’s imagination.

If you want to combine the fluidity of watercolour with the precision of ink drawing, the combination of Sakura watercolour mediums and Pigma Micron pens is unbeatable. Sakura Pigma pens produce fine, detailed lines that don't bleed, making them the perfect companion to the washes and blends of Koi Watercolour and Koi Colouring Brush Pens.

This combination allows you to first sketch and detail with the Pigma pens, then fill in with the rich hues of Koi, creating a harmonious blend of line and colour. Pigma Micron also ensures that lines remain sharp and do not bleed when applied to a watercolour background. Explore this dynamic duo and elevate your artistic creations to the next level!

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