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Schleich At WHSmith

Choose a magical gift for your little ones with Figures and playsets from Schleich that will light a spark of creativity and imagination. From dinosaurs to horses, fairies and so much more children will have hours of fun creating their own stories and adventures!

About Schleich

Founded in 1935, Frederich Scleich started out making velvet-covered dolls made with wire and wood. Over the next decade they continued to grow and by the mid-50's the Schleich family had produced almost 70 different figures; including famous faces like Disney's Bambi and Pluto.

New animal friends joined their family: a sea lion family, an elephant, and a kangaroo that quickly won the hearts of customers young and old. In 1965 The Smurfs and Smurf village arrived, and things just kept getting more fun and colourful from there.

Since the 1980's a whole host of different animals have captured the imaginations of children everywhere, from Schleich horses to Schleich dinosaurs and it has been the family mission to continue to fill kids’ bedrooms and playrooms with fun, joy, and curiosity.

Producing 50 million toys each year, Schleich is creating a world of creativity for kids everywhere with unique characters and play worlds where anything is possible. There are no limits to a child’s imagination and that is why Schleich toys are constantly expanding their family with new play worlds for kids to enjoy fantastic adventures with their favourite toys!