Sharpie at WHSmith

Welcome to Sharpie. The home of the iconic permanent marker designed for boldly original, brilliantly coloured, courageous, and inspiring writing and marking that dare to stand out! BOLD to the extreme and PERMANENT to the core, Sharpie permanent markers create individual expression that can’t be copied, refuses to be taken lightly, and absolutely will not be ignored.

Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers

Let your imagination and creativity run free with Sharpie S-Note creative markers. Bold and fun, they’re both a marker and a highlighter, adding a splash of colour to note-taking, study sessions, drawing, and much more! With a chisel tip that lets you quickly switch between precise and broad lines, the Sharpie S-Note is versatile and adaptable. Plus, the no-bleed ink keeps your work looking fresh and clean. Unleash your individuality with Sharpie S-Note!

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