Sheaffer Pen is a leading worldwide provider of quality fine writing instruments. Today, Sheaffer forges ahead with the same commitment to excellence, quality and craftsmanship that put the brand on map 100 years ago.

From the truly avant-garde to the time-honored classics, Sheaffer continuously offers writing instruments to satisfy every taste and suite any occasion. Currently available in over 100 countries throughout the world, Sheaffer continues to deliver premium quality products and services that meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. A Sheaffer® writing instrument offers its owner originality and elegant craftsmanship – making Sheaffer, The Gift that Matters.

Here at WHSmith we stock a range of Sheaffer pens - from ballpoint and fountain to calligraphy sets . You are sure to find the perfect design, whether you're giving one as a special gift or you're treating yourself to a pen that will last a lifetime. From uber-modern to very traditional, all Sheaffer pens are known for their comfort and giving a smooth, pleasurable writing experience.

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The History Of Sheaffer

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The History Of Sheaffer 

It was the invention of the lever-fill fountain pen in 1907 that ignited a dream and gave the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company its favored position in the industry. Little did Walter know, his namesake company would become a worldwide symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation over the next 100 years. With an inspired team of hardworking and dedicated employees, the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company focused on delivering unique and innovative products of the highest quality. Each writing instrument radiated true craftsmanship and delicate attention to detail; genuine representations of the passion that Walter and his employees had in creating and offering products that would be a staple in American history. During its first year of business, the company captured 3% of the United States writing instrument market with sales of $100,000 and a profit of $17,500, or 50% of Walter’s initial investment. As the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company continued to succeed, the company expanded its facilities and the number of employees steadily grew.

In its early years, the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company captured the interest of America and other countries around the world. After the invention of the lever-fill fountain pen, the company introduced several advancements and improvements, fulfilling its desire to offer inventive writing instruments. Some of these included Sheaffer® Skrip® ink in 1922 (still used today), FEATHERTOUCH® two-way point in 1931, TOP-WELL® ink bottle in 1933, the Touchdown filling mechanism in 1949 and the famous Inlaid Nib in 1959 – Sheaffer’s unique writing unit still used and respected by fine writing instrument experts today. These advancements defined the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company. By the time it celebrated its 50th anniversary, the Sheaffer® brand was distributed, recognized, and highly respected around the globe. The company excelled in developing innovative products that paralleled the growing and changing consumer fashions and tastes. It built a reputation for producing classic and timeless designs, the finest finishes, highly sought-after special editions, and the highest-quality inks and writing units. This was promoted by the introduction of the “White Dot®” icon in 1924. Today the “White Dot®” is presented on every writing instrument produced by Sheaffer and is respected worldwide as a symbol of quality and excellence.

Scuderia Ferrari Collection by Sheaffer 

Sheaffer® together with Scuderia Ferrari is proud to present Ferrari Official Licensed Writing Instruments.

Each collection is created with the highest level of quality, proudly displaying the Scuderia Ferrari Shield and the world-renowned Sheaffer “White Dot®” symbol of excellence.

A variety of modes are available and all fountain pens carry a stainless steel Sheaffer® nib. For continued writing enjoyment all modes take Sheaffer® refills. Scuderia Ferrari Collection by Sheaffer writing instruments are sure to perform at maximum speeds and delight Ferrari enthusiasts everywhere.

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Sheaffer Ferrari Official Licensed Writing Instruments