STABILO UK is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments, producing pens and pencils for writing and creative work. STABILO has also won many awards for the EASY range of left and right-handed products designed to aid children in their learning-to-write journey.

For more than 160 years STABILO have been creating visionary and innovative pens and pencils for highlighting, sketching, writing and colouring - in a variety of colours and on-trend designs. From the unique and distinctive shape of STABILO highlighters, to the high-quality design of STABILO pens, their much sought-after products provide a splash of colour to our everyday lives.


Learn to write right with the STABILO EASYoriginal rollerball. It’s an ergonomic handwriting pen approved by UK teachers and loved by children, which is specially designed to encourage the recommended dynamic tripod grip to aid learning to write.

STABILO EASYoriginal is designed specifically for left or right handed children and is refillable, making it kinder to the environment. In UK user trials 95% of teachers approved the use of STABILO EASYoriginal pens and STABILO EASYgraph pencils in their schools.