At WHSmith we stock a wide range of Staedtler products, from the classic Staedtler Noris pencils, to the award-winning Triplus range of triangular writing instruments, to the fun FIMO clay range, ideal for modelling and crafting. Staedtler is well known for their innovative designs, and we love their patented desktop box which is an imaginative and practical packaging feature of the range. In tough, impact-resistant acrylic, it is a practical box to store and protect writing instruments which also converts to a handy desktop stand.

Another key benefit of Staedtler pens is the dry safe ink element which allows caps to be left off for significant periods without the ink drying out. Staedtler ensures that all of their wood-cased pencils are made from certified wood to protect the environment and they have introduced Noris eco, the new ‘green’ pencil.

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The History Of Staedtler

Staedtler have been designing and manufacturing their world-renowned writing instruments for the best part of two hundred years. The company began way back in 1835 and, after adding pencils to their range, were making over two million a year by 1866 from its German headquarters. Today, Staedtler is a global company, offering a large and comprehensive selection of pens and pencils for the home, school and office.

But how did it all begin? In fact, Staedtler's roots go all the way back to 1662 when Friedrich Staedtler began crafting his pencils in Nuremberg. The ancient city of Nuremberg is known as the 'pencil-making capital' and this is where JS Staedtler started his factory in 1835. By 1840, Staedtler was already producing 63 different kinds of pencil and by 1856, the company had 54 employees.

It was at the very beginning of the 20th century when the famous Mars and Noris brands were created, and in 1922 the USA subsidiary in New York was born, followed a few years later by the Japan subsidiary. The name was changed in 1937 to Mars Pencil and Fountain Pen Factory, and other mechanical instruments were added to its product range. Although Staedtler still produces fountain pens today, ballpoint pens took the world by storm and were introduced by Staedtler in 1949.

In 1950, mechanical pencils were manufactured, the first ones being made from wood. Four years after this, the Lumocolor brand was registered and this name was used to design the extensive line of Staedtler markers.Today, while it has some factories in Asia, 80% of Staedtler pens and pencils are still manufactured in Germany. The company now has a presence in 150 countries worldwide and is the leading European manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, as well as erasers, mechanical lead pencils, pen-style markers and modelling clay. Their most famous brands are still Mars and Noris, as well as Lumocolor and Triplus – to name but a few.

Keeping in line with the 21st century, Staedtler's revolutionary electronic ballpoint pen can digitally capture hand-written notes and sketches which can be transferred directly to your PC. It also has a handwriting recognition package, meaning hand-written scribbles no longer need to be re-typed.

Staedtler's popularity shows no signs of slowing down, selling over 65 million wood-cased pencils in the UK alone – that's one for every adult and child in the country!

Our favourite Staedtler Products