FIMO Modelling Clay at WHSmith

Explore a world of creativity with STAEDTLER’s FIMO polymer modelling clay. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced crafter, the FIMO range is designed for all abilities.

Beginners and hobby artists will love the FIMO Soft and Effect ranges, filled with brilliant colours and amazing effects such as pearl, translucent, metallic, gemstone, and more. For experienced crafters, the FIMO Professional range has a much firmer feel that enables you to create highly detailed items that are dimensionally stable. Available in a range of rich colours that contain pure pigment.

High quality air-drying clay is available within the FIMOair range; ideal for hobby artists and schools. This smooth clay is easy to mould, and hardened models can be filed, sanded, drilled, painted and even varnished. For the little ones, FIMO Kids themed sets are designed to encourage children to let their imaginations run free whilst also training their fine motor skills and improving their ability to concentrate.

FIMO Soft and Effect Modelling Clay

FIMO Soft and Effect Modelling Clay

FIMO Soft is a smooth, malleable clay that comes in an array of vibrant colours and is perfect for creating jewellery and home décor items. And for truly amazing clay creations, the FIMO Effect range includes fun finishes such as pearl and metallic that can be used to create stunning effects. Ideal for beginners and hobby artists, both of these ranges offer infinite creative possibilities.

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